Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Big, Fun, Scary Adventure replayed

Wow! It has been over one-and-one-half months since my last post. I guess that's one of the Big, Fun, Scary Adventure goals where I'm not going to succeed. In fact, I have altered my Big, Fun, Scary Adventure goals (slightly for some, more drastically for others. Here are my changes (since I couldn't figure out how to make this show up on the side bar:

1. Take part in NaNoEdMo 2008 using Edit my NaNoWriMo 2007 novel 'Station Slvation'.
2. Lose at least 20 pounds, but hopefully more like 30 pounds.
3. Exercise in a fun way (yoga, dance, kick boxing) at least four times per week, 30-minutes per session, starting now (March 19, 2008).

1. Learn to play the violin/fiddle.
2. Write and post on my blog at least three times every week.
3. Take part in NaNoWriMo 2008 and win, again.

1. Teach my 4-year-old to read using 'Hooked on Phonics'.
Any goal that is no longer possible, because of failure to do it yet, has been shaded in gray. New additions or alterations are in bold. Not that I am so bold as to assume that anybody is reading this ... just for my own recollections in future.
I am also going to join Mel and "Diet Naked." Beginning next Monday, the day after Easter, I am going to diet the G.I. Diet way. I am going to plan and prepare my meals the day before; I will not come home at lunch but instead will use that time to eat sensibly and get some walking in; and I will start an exercise streak with a goal to exercise every day. If that doesn't help me to get started on "Big" goal #2, then nothing will.